85% of our business comes from existing clients. We are passionate client advocates, committed to helping both our clients and candidates achieve success.  We believe each assignment is critical, each client is valuable, and each candidate is unique.  Below is a sampling of what our clients and candidates say about us:


"Chadick Ellig’s process is very efficient and highly effective with a lot of ‘behind-the-scenes’ outreach to identify the right candidates. Every candidate they presented was spot-on. They excel in analyzing the corporate culture to identify and select the right candidates. Superb personal service. They did whatever was necessary to make themselves available, particularly during negotiations with the finalist candidate."

– Client for a nonprofit legal defense and education fund dedicated to advancing the rights of women and girls

"Chadick Ellig is a professional, effective, results-focused search firm, producing a slate of high quality candidates. They are astute advisors, advising on the selection process and how a candidate could fit into the organization. Chadick Ellig doesn’t just fill jobs, they provide insights on building the overall organization."

– Client for a leading provider of retirement, investment management and insurance products and services

"I chose Chadick Ellig because I felt that this was a search firm that would focus on our business needs. I valued the wisdom and insight provided in assessing both internal and external candidates. In addition to the skills and experience I perceive in Chadick Ellig, I appreciated the ability to speak directly and work collaboratively to ensure a successful outcome."

– Client for the principal North American subsidiary of a major global business-to-business
and industrial solutions and consumer products company

"Chadick Ellig is on top of the talent that is ready to ‘pop.’ They do a great job in finding up-and-coming talent who may be short on years but long on experience that is required. They don’t just take a download of the position specification, they take a step back and understand what their client is trying to accomplish, the expectations of the role and of the CEO and senior management. It is a bi-lateral conversation, not a check list, one of dialog rather than transaction."

– Client for a global insurance and reinsurance company

"I can't thank you enough – you changed my life. Having such a strong person on my team allows me to sleep better at night."

– Client for a Fortune 500, private retirement systems, one of the largest in the United States

"Great job. I really appreciated your thoughts and insight. Our placed candidate is doing a great job already."

– Client for one of the nation's leading financial services companies

"Of all the search firms I have dealt with, you consistently treat candidates as assets, not just as names. You call, you follow up and you are very candid about where a search is headed and why. You also don't try to force individuals into roles or firms where it doesn't make sense. Highly, highly professional, always."

– Candidate for one of the nation's largest asset management companies

"You have been most helpful over the last couple of months. I find your firm comprised of outstanding professionals who balance the needs of all constituents with the utmost integrity. No matter where I land, you can be assured I would use your firm and recommend others the same. You are a beacon for the industry, the high water mark."

– Candidate for a major financial institution

"Very professional and well coordinated recruiting effort. I have dealt with all of the major recruiting firms in terms of being a candidate and felt I was kept well informed and treated very professionally by Chadick Ellig. I would certainly recommend your services and consider using you as a search partner."

– Placed candidate for a publicly traded bio-tech company

"The entire team was awesome. I was more than prepared for each interview and experienced no surprises during the entire interview process. I could not have experienced a better outcome as all members of the staff were courteous and professional throughout. I would highly recommend Chadick Ellig to anyone."

– Placed candidate for a major New York City drug store chain

"Best experience I have had with search firm, no question! Great opportunity, great people, great experience with Chadick Ellig."

– Candidate for one of the largest bank holding companies in the United States