Small, Swift & Savvy
Practices of a Boutique Executive Search Firm

4 Key Questions When Evaluating Your Search Firm:

Who is actually doing your rearch, has it been delegated to staffers?

Personal, hands-on service is key: At Chadick Ellig, the principals do the searches. We have years of experience in listening to clients, understanding their specific current needs, and keeping in mind the future direction of their company.

“When I work with you, I feel like I am your only client; I get attention! At larger firms, searches are often delegated to more junior people and the process takes longer.”

Does your search firm exhaust all avenues to find the best talent?

Tenacity pays off: We strive for the perfect “fit,” exhausting all avenues to find the greatest talent available. Chadick Ellig consultants think out-of-the-box to find the best solutions and maintain manageable search loads in order to concentrate closely on clients’ needs.

“A smaller firm is open-minded, flexible and creative and has the willingness to support the client as broadly as possible. I don’t see that in larger firms.”

Does your search firm have significant “off-limits” issues that impede the search?

Fewer off-limits equal greater access to a broad array of talent: We strive to remain small to avoid the constraints faced by larger search firms. By choosing a select number of clients within an industry, we access more sources to attract untapped talent.

"Some of the biggest names in search are severely limited by the broad brush of their business.” (Shawn Oglesbee, “Things Your Executive Recruiter Won’t Tell You”)

Does your search firm have a high percentage of repeat customers?

Success is the number of long-term client relationships search firms have: 80% of our business is with existing clients. Conducting searches ethically, thoroughly, quickly, and creatively is our goal. Our motivation is to uphold relationships over time.

“The main reason a search firm is attractive is the end result—the quality of the individuals presented and ultimately selected. Good search work breeds good search work!”

We aim to be the best, not the biggest.