Lan Nguyen is a Managing Director with Chadick Ellig with over 15 years of experience in executive search. She is a strategic partner with deep sector expertise is financial services, working with clients across insurance, banking, corporate finance, investment banking, brokerage/securities, commercial and specialty/asset based finance, consumer finance, asset and wealth management, retirement services (DC/401(k), IRAs, annuities), and the B2B companies that support financial services companies.

Lan is relationship-focused, with decade-long relationships with candidates and clients, building teams and functions for established and newly emerging organizations. Lan is highly investigative in her approach to the market, and has a sophisticated understanding of the more technical, emerging and esoteric roles where there may be components of regulatory, legal, analytics, data or digital expertise required.

Joining the firm in 2000 from the practice of law, Lan brings versatility, strong problem-solving and client advisory skills to her search work. As an attorney in Washington, DC, she practiced in the areas of regulatory and complex business investigations and litigations, particularly involving the federal government. She represented bank plaintiffs in the landmark “Winstar” litigation involving the government’s breach of hundreds of savings and loans merger agreements. After a year-long trial, her financial services client was awarded damages of $909 million.

Lan has a Juris Doctorate from the University of Washington, School of Law in Seattle and a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.