Linkedin: Success or filling the job. Susan Chadick talks about the understanding the nuance, both about the client and the candidate. If you don’t understand all the underlying elements, you’re not going to get to the best hire.

Closing Bell at Men and Women don’t agree about gender disparity in boardrooms and in the C-Suite. "You’ll never solve a problem until you recognize that there is a problem.” Janice discusses the Women’s Forum Gender Equality in Corporate America Survey..

What more can be done to move the needle for women? Janice Ellig discusses on CCTV America, The Global Gender Gap Report 2016.

On average women are promoted and hired at lower rates than men, the result, fewer women are becoming senior leaders. Janice Ellig explains on CCTV America why this still happens and how the cycle can be broken.

Say it – Target It – Measure It.
Janice Ellig speaks to CCTV America and recommends solutions companies can take to change the culture and put more women in leadership roles.

Janice Ellig attends the 2013 Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit, Washington, DC where Warren Buffett addresses the US economic recovery and asks, “How do we get more women in the boardroom? Studies show that if you have more women in the c-suite and boardroom you have higher performance.”

Watch the entire video here and hear his answer. Janice’s question is at 37:57 Do Women in the Boardroom Help Bottom Lines?
Watch Janice Ellig discuss the importance of diversity in the boardroom at The Women’s Forum of New York’s symposium “Why Good Governance Needs Great Women,” held at Bloomberg on 9/13/12. "It’s just good business for US Boardrooms to reflect the importance of women as key stakeholders. Women influence more than 85 percent of all purchases, are a majority of the US population and are increasingly important as employees and investors, yet hold less than 16.1 percent of Fortune 500 board seats."

Women’s Forum of New York Corporate Board Initiative
The Women’s Forum of New York started the Women’s Corporate Board Initiative to raise the profile of women in the corporate world to put more women on Boards. In 2011, they launched the Breakfast of Corporate Champions to honor those companies who had at least 20% women on their boards. Having women at the highest level is a strategic business imperative. More women in the C-Suite, more women in the Boardroom creates better company performance.

Watch Janice Ellig on CNBC’s "The Strategy Session" discuss board director recruitment and innovative ideas for corporations to build more effective boards through gender diversity.

The Grinder Show, The Source for Information & Investors
An Interview with Janice Ellig, 12/13/09

Women’s eNews Honors 21 Leaders Who Shape History Chadick Ellig’s commitment to diversity & inclusion hasn’t waivered. In 2015 61% of our placements resulted in women and diverse hires. Women’s eNews honors 21 leaders who shape history and, while filmed in 2007, Janice Ellig’s message continues to resonate.


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Head over Heels Radio show features Janice Ellig, expert on corporate board diversity. Listen