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Why is there still gender pay disparity?

Pay inequity between genders in the workplace has an effect on corporate performance. Janice Reals Ellig comments on the importance of communications and direct feedback to employees and its impact on performance.

What it really takes for women to take on Wall Street.

Women can succeed working in male-dominated industries, Janice Reals Ellig explains, by navigating five paths — simultaneously.

Nasdaq talks to Janice Reals Ellig about moving the needle on boardroom diversity.

“One of the keys to opening the boardroom door is being part of the CEO network and cultivating a strong reputation within it. Successful executives understand that a more critical factor than ‘who they know’ is ‘who knows them.’”

Proof networking Is actually worth your time. “Beyond who you know, the critical factor is who knows you.”

Janice Reals Reals Ellig Co-CEO, Chadick Ellig, Inc. shares the most important lesson she’s learned in her career – Networking.

How to serve on the Board of Directors.

Susan Chadick provides advice on what steps to take to be a candidate and how you can begin preparing now.

To achieve gender parity on corporate boards: CEO Warriors needed.

The not-so Herculean task of achieving gender parity in the boardroom.

A Call to Action by Janice Reals Ellig and the Women’s Forum of New York!

4 Ways to get women on boards.

Gender diversity on boards is highly correlated with stronger company financial performance. Boards with more balanced gender representation have an improved shareholder value, good corporate governance, better decision-making and a more positive corporate image. Janice Reals Ellig discusses how executives must address gender disparity in the boardroom.

Gender balance on boards.

Boards that ignore or delay this issue will be at a global competitive disadvantage. Janice Reals Ellig and Ilene Lang provide Five Steps to Achieve Success.

Interview with Sree Sreenivasan, former Chief Digital Officer of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Chadick Ellig placed Sree at The Met as their first CDO. He describes “What is a CDO, how digital media can drive profits and the current/future state of the digital industry.”

The female tipping point in the boardroom.

Studies show that leadership qualities women bring to the table are in great demand, so why such a disparate proportion? Janice Reals Ellig provides tips on how women can enter the Boardroom.

What do companies seek most in a senior executive?

New Global Survey Reveals Surprising Consistency Around the World

Do companies prefer internal or external candidates when filling senior positions?

More female representation on senior executive teams: What is driving organizations?

Succession Planning: Organizations still have some work to do.

YMCA of the USA elects Janice Reals Ellig to their board of directors.

Boardroom parity in the U.S. by 2022.

We can achieve the goal of parity on boards within 10 years, with quality appointments, commitment of the board and without quotas. Here is how to accomplish it.

Change at the top can shatter employee morale.

How to add more women to corporate boards.

How can we achieve diverse corporate boards – and how can we do so in a way where experience isn’t sacrificed for the sake of social equity?

Recruitment & Retention

Hiring and Managing the Overqualified.

Judgement Call

What is the best response to critics of a CEO’s pay rise?

Put some teeth in those rules.

The new rules the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) enacted in December 2009 do not go far enough to truly impact a section of the new regulations – Diversity and Board Recruitment Practices.

5 ways to engage men in gender diversity initiatives.

It is about time.

When you dig deeper and go behind the headlines, the real issue remains the same as it has been since women entered the workforce: in the C-Suite, the average compensation of all women is still below that of their male peers.

Chadick Ellig joins IIC Partners, Executive Search Worldwide.

Head over Heels Radio show features Janice Reals Ellig, expert on corporate board diversity. Listen.

Expert View: How to fix corporate boards.

Better boards are the key to avoiding mistakes of the past.

Will new executive pay rules cause a brain drain?

Women, business, and the 21st Century: A good match?

2009 Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

Interview with Janice Ellig.

Getting from a good to a great board.

You Can do it Through Gender Diversity.

Business Week: The world’s most influential Headhunters.

Time out well spent.

A playbook for getting the most out of your break between jobs.

Star Search

Trying to fill a seat in the executive suite? In today’s competitive market you may have to look abroad.

Ask the Expert Executive Interview

With rollovers at stake, firms embrace diversity. But skeptics doubt success of program.

The AESC chats sith Chadick Ellig Co-CEOs.