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Chadick Ellig Executive Search appoints Dr. Azita Saleki-Gerhardt to the Board of Director of Entegris, Inc.

Chadick Ellig Executive Search has recruited Dr. Azita Saleki-Gerhardt to the Board of Directors of Entegris, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENTG). Dr. Saleki-Gerhardt brings more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector. With extensive experience across the areas of licensing, private label agreements, affiliate partners, and developing new channels of distribution, as a member of […]

Nasdaq-Listed Companies Moving the Needle on Diversity in the Boardroom.

“The business case for gender parity has been made, and further progress toward that goal is going to depend on tone at the top.” states Janice Reals Ellig

Women CEOs earned more last year, but few were in top job.

“Unconscious bias in the workplace is keeping women from getting opportunities that will put them on track to for top roles,” comments Janice Reals Ellig.

Susan Chadick’s Transition Advisory Practice

Where to next? Susan Chadick discusses her Transition Advisory Practice  Want more information? Please click here: 

Chadick Ellig is proud to be a Network Partner and annual sponsor of the Chief Digital Officer Summit NYC.

As organizations focus on more innovative ways to reach customers, this CDO Summit is one not to be missed. Meet some of the best Chief Digital Officers from the world’s premier companies.

Startling results of a recent gender parity survey draw a new frame around an old picture.

Janice Ellig discusses a recent survey by the Women’s Forum of New York that sheds new light on an old issue–a disproportionate number of women executives recognize the problem of gender parity versus men executives who don’t.

Fearless Girl – SHE is the future and the future is NOW!

Janice Ellig discusses where women are NOT!

Susan Chadick elected Vice Chair, Americas to the board of IIC Partners.

to help bring strategic thinking, innovative ideas and valuable experience to the organization.

International Women’s Day Call to Action – It’s Time for Parity

Progress is being made, but in the U.S., parity for any group is still far off. Janice Reals Ellig states, “Gender parity by 2025 must be the objective of all U.S. Congressional leaders, CEOs/Board Chairs in the corporate world and all other sectors.”



Gender gap widens for first time in a decade: World Economic Forum Janice Reals Ellig, Chadick Ellig co-CEO and Beth Mooney, KeyCorp Chairwoman and CEO discuss the widening gender gap in workplaces and how companies can increase female representative in leadership positions.

Boardroom diversity should include ‘four and more’ “You have to be intentional and focused and open up the pool of candidates to look beyond the usual names and beyond CEOs.” Janice Reals Ellig discusses how companies can promote gender equality in the workplace and in the boardroom.

Closing Bell at Chedder: Janice Reals Ellig discusses gender parity in corporate America.

Say it – Target It – Measure It. Janice Reals Ellig speaks to CCTV America and recommends solutions companies can take to change the culture and put more women in leadership roles.

What more can be done to move the needle for women? Janice Ellig discusses on CCTV America, The Global Gender Gap Report 2016.

The importance of your personal brand, Janice Reals Ellig

How coaching benefits from search.

Testimonial for Susan Chadick as a transitional coach.

On average women are promoted and hired at lower rates than men, the result, fewer women are becoming senior leaders. Janice Reals Ellig explains on CCTV America why this still happens and how the cycle can be broken.

Janice Reals Ellig on staying relevant

Intersection of people and their work, Susan Chadick

The Before and After-Life of a corporate career, Susan Chadick

Women on Boards – The strategic business imperative, Janice Reals Ellig

The role of technology in executive search, Susan Chadick

“It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you,” Janice Reals Ellig

Understanding different cultures, Susan Chadick

Success or filling the job