The Chadick Ellig Team’s Commitment to Quality Search…

With an Eye on Diversity

As a female-owned firm with a naturally diverse employee base, Chadick Ellig endeavors to present a balanced panel of candidates to our clients. We recognize the value of embracing and promoting diversity, which is reflected in our own staff where a span of backgrounds and experiences enables us to successfully service the candidates and clients with whom we work.

“In each search we conduct, if we see only uniform candidates in our initial panel, we ask ourselves ‘where is everyone else?'” states Susan Chadick. “We reach deeper and more broadly into the talent available until our slate represents a full range of qualified candidates.” While about one-third of Chadick Ellig’s successful candidates are diversity hires, the percentage shown in the panels presented to clients is higher.

Stacy Lauren Musi states, “Diversity makes good business sense. A company has a competitive advantage when comprised of a management team and employee population that reflects their market. As companies become more global, a diverse staff can help a company more quickly recognize, understand and respond to a broad range of consumer voices.”

Chadick Ellig screens candidates meticulously on technical qualifications, experience and cultural fit with the client organization. We work diligently to ensure that the candidate pool emerges as a relatively multi-dimensional group, utilizing every creative avenue to locate talent beyond the “easy solution” that might first present itself. In the end, there is no compromise in bringing the best talent to clients.

In this global economy the world is getting smaller. An organization that mirrors its diverse client base best serves its employees, its customers and its shareholders. Diversity is something Chadick Ellig has always practiced in its own staffing and supports vigorously in its executive search work for its clients.