Chief Digital Officer Summit - May 24, 2017
Chadick Ellig, Annual Network Partner
Chadick Ellig is proud to be an Annual Network Partner and sponsor of the Chief DIGITAL Officer and Chief DATA Officer Summit NYC, celebrating their 5th year. We have supporting this event from its inception. As organizations focus on more innovative ways to reach customers, this Summit is not to be missed. Meet some of the best Chief Digital and Data Officers from the world's premier companies. 


Chief Digital Officer Summit - April 27, 2016
Chadick Ellig, Network Partner
Chadick Ellig is proud to be a Network Partner and annual sponsor of the Chief Digital Officer Summit NYC. As organizations focus on more innovative ways to reach customers, this CDO Summit is one not to be missed. Meet some of the best Chief Digital Officers from the world's premier companies.


Breakfast of Corporate Champions - November 19, 2015
Janice Ellig, Chair
Janice Ellig is Chair of the Women’s Forum of New York Corporate Board Initiative. Their third biennial Breakfast of Corporate Champions, November 19, 2015, honors companies leading the way to gender balance on corporate boards. This year’s breakfast includes a symposium co-hosted with the Committee for Economic Development of the Conference Board where the country’s top CEOs, investment community and government leaders address why this is a strategic business imperative and how to accelerate change.

ExecuNet, Master Class: Women's Best Strategies for Business Success - July 23, 2015
Janice Ellig, Presenter
For women to be successful at the highest levels of the organization, it is imperative to focus on what Janice Ellig refers to as the 7Cs to "getting your seat at the table."

Deloitte Center for Corporate Governance - Board Ready Women Program - June 18, 2015
Susan Chadick, Panelist
Panel series for senior female executives who are beginning their search for board service opportunities, providing information on corporate governance and leading practices on how to commence a board search effort.

Ellevate - Executive Search Program - July 15, 2015
Janice Ellig, Panelist
Get noticed: Executive Search Professionals Tell Us How

FWA-NYC - June 2, 2015
Stacy Lauren Musi, Co-Chair, Executive Leaders Committee
Mike Indursky, President, Bliss, shared key tips on how to rise to the top of your industry.

The Conference Board: Women's Leadership Conference - June 1, 2015
Janice Ellig, Presenter
Every Other One: More Women on Corporate Boards, Presented by The Committee on Economic Development and Janice Ellig

Chief Digital Officer Summit - April 29, 2015
Chadick Ellig, Network Partner


IIC Partners 2014 Global Conference & AGM - October 8-10, 2014
Chadick Ellig, Host
Chadick Ellig is proud to host IIC Partners 2014 Global Conference

American Banker-The Most Powerful Women in Banking - October 8, 2014
Chadick Ellig, Gift Bag Sponsor
Chadick Ellig is proud to sponsor this annual dinner announcing 2014's Most Powerful Women in Banking.

Chief Digital Officer Summit - April 22-23, 2014
Chadick Ellig, Presenting Sponsor


Women's Forum of New York's 2013 Breakfast of Corporate Champions @ NYSE – November 21, 2013
Janice Ellig, Event Chair
Biannual event that recognizes F500 companies with at least 20% or more Women on Boards.
Event webcast:

Global Women's Leadership Summit – October 14th - November 1st, 2013
Janice Ellig, Guest Presenter
From Good to Great: Getting Women On Boards

AESC - BlueSteps – September 24, 2013
Janice Ellig, Speaker
Boardroom Diversity: New Opportunities for Female Executives

United Kingdom's 30% Club: Catalyzing Global Change – July 1, 2013
Janice Ellig, Speaker
The Americas: Stagnating Without A Target

Outten & Golden LLP: Women on Boards – June 4, 2013
Susan Chadick, Panelist
The challenges of executive retention and board placement.

The Conference Board: 2013 Women’s Leadership Conference – May 14-15, 2013
Janice Ellig, Moderator
From Good to Great: Getting Women on Boards

University of Iowa Foundation: “Phils Day” – May 2, 2013
Janice Ellig shares her philanthropic philosophy and calls students to action.

Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) Global Conference – March 6, 2013
Janice Ellig, Panel Moderator
Gender Diversity on Boards

Chief Digital Officer Summit - February 28, 2013
Chadick Ellig, Presenting Sponsor


The Leadership Room - How Executive Search "Really" Works - December 18, 2012
Susan Chadick, Panelist
A "behind the scenes" look at executive search and what executive leaders need to know.

Crenshaw Associates – Recruiters' Panel: Successful Landings at the Executive Level - November 8, 2012
Janice Ellig, Panelist
Insights into the state of the job market and retained search business in general.

American Banker - The 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking Dinner - October 16, 2012
Chadick Ellig, Sponsor

FWA-Long Island – October 10, 2012
Stacy Lauren Musi, Speaker
Joining a Corporate Board
Serving on a corporate board of directors is an opportunity of a lifetime and career, especially for women. Stacy Lauren Musi provides tips and advice on how to get noticed and serve on a corporate board.

WILL USA Conference – Women in USA and Corporate India: Driving Balanced Leadership - September 14, 2012
Janice Ellig, Panel Speaker
Women in Corporate Boardrooms: It’s about Enterprise Risk Management

The Women’s Forum of New York - Why Good Governance Needs Great Women – September 13, 2012
Janice Ellig, Chairman – Women’s Forum Corporate Board Initiative
Lead sponsors-Bloomberg and Deloitte: Symposium
The importance of Building Gender Balance on corporate boards and how to achieve it.
Watch Janice Ellig discuss the importance of diversity in the boardroom.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America – Youth of the Year – July, 2012
Susan Chadick, National Trustee, Host Committee Member 

Corporate Board Member - Moving the Needle – July 18-19, 2012
New York Stock Exchange
Janice Ellig, Speaker
Building Effective Boards with Qualified Diverse Candidates  

YWCA Academy of Women Leaders – March, 2012
Susan Chadick, Panelist
Is a Corporate or Non-Profit Board in Your Future?

Columbia University – February 9, 2012
Janice Ellig, Speaker
Women and Global Leadership


Women’s Forum of New York – Breakfast of Corporate Champions – November 2, 2011
Janice Ellig, Co-CEO of Chadick Ellig and President of The Women’s Forum of New York, opened the Breakfast of Corporate Champions at the New York Stock Exchange to honor 52 publicly traded Fortune 1000 companies that have at least 20% female representation on their boards and are changing the face of leadership.

Multicultural Women National Conference – July 19-20, 2011
Janice Ellig, Keynote Speaker
Getting Your Seat At The Table

Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC)
Susan Chadick, Chair, Small Business Forum for the 2011 Americas Conference

Marsh and McLennan
Janice Ellig, Panelist
Women Taking A Lead

NAFE - National Association For Female Executives
Janice Ellig, Presenter
Women on Boards

ICG – Insurance Conference Group
Janice Ellig, Presenter
Board Recruitment – Practices & Diversity presented to Chief Human Resource Officers – Insurance Industry


The Massachusetts Conference For Women
Janice Ellig, Panelist, Leadership
Courting Boards: Strategies for Getting a Seat at the Table
How To Be A Viable Board Candidate
Tips To Build Your Brand Identity

OnBoard Bootcamps – PartnerCom Corporation
Susan Chadick, Janice Ellig, Speakers
Boards Today, Duties and Responsibilities, Diversity in the Boardroom, How To Secure A Board Seat, Selling Yourself For Success, Getting On The Radar Screen