Commitment to Diversity

Smart companies know that to attract and retain the best and the brightest talent, and serve their customer base, a diverse workforce is imperative. At Chadick Ellig, we understand the business case for diversity.

A recent Harvard Business Review study states, "If there is only one woman in your candidate pool, there's statistically no chance she'll be hired.  But if there are two, her odds go way up. >

We are proud that in 2016, 96% of our panels had women and diverse representation, 91% of our panels included 2 or more women and diverse candidates, and 76% of our placements resulted in women and diverse hires. 

We help raise the odds.

All recruiting engagements conducted by Chadick Ellig, Inc. are performed without restriction regarding race, color, national origin, sex, religion, sexual orientation, disability, veteran’s status, age, or other unlawful factors and are conducted in compliance with anti-discrimination laws.