Consulting Services

In addition to full service executive search, consulting services include:

Market Intelligence Mapping

We provide an overview of a client’s competitors, organizational and divisional structures.

Transition Advisory Services

Susan Chadick offers custom coaching services to executives in time of transition. She incorporates 30 plus years of executive search experience, 8 years of corporate HR experience, and a career’s worth of coaching executives in the course of her long term relationship with clients and candidates.

Executives come to Susan in times of specific career junctures; when considering leaving corporate life for the next chapter, including board work, nonprofit engagement or other pursuits; to improve their success when undergoing an active search; or when a sounding board is needed regarding one’s career trajectory. Susan’s unique approach is direct, insightful, warm and personalized. It is not a “cookie cutter” or formulaic approach.

Since each executive has unique needs, Susan’s services are designed specifically around the individual’s objectives.

Services include:

Susan will conduct a 60 to 90 initial meeting with the executive to ensure there is alignment of objectives and comfort in the “partnership.”

Subsequent meetings will be in person or by phone according to preferences. Meetings will be scheduled to ensure the executive has the preparation needed in anticipation of the specific activity, or to meet their own unique agenda and timetable. Here, too, there is a custom approach to ensure the executive is getting what they need when they need it.

Besides typical sessions, Susan will be available on an as needed basis for quick calls or emails during the process to give and get “real time” feedback.

Susan’s transition coaching clients come to her by referral and are typically senior executives with a minimum of 20 years of experience. On an exceptional basis, Susan will accept earlier career individuals when referred by the sponsoring organization.

Fees are determined by the specific category of executive and his/her needs and will be provided upon request.

Transition coaching is a confidential endeavor and requires trust between the executive and coach. Upon request, confidential references are available where permission is granted.

See Susan’s LinkedIn profile for informative videos covering Transition Coaching Service.

Candidate Assessment: Hogan Assessment Systems

The Hogan Assessments Systems is one component of the broader assessment services we offer our clients. Hogan is a series of personality assessments that a finalist candidate may take towards the end of the search process. In our experience, the findings typically reinforce our own candidate assessment, while providing quantitative data and a deeper level of insight. In partnership with our clients, we often leverage the assessment as one component of the final selection and onboarding processes, and to coach placed executives. We also encourage our clients to incorporate the assessment findings into the placed candidate’s personal development plan.

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